Mihai discuta liber

The thoughts of me

(she doesn’t even know she inspired me to write this)

Three's a crowd

It’s not like I haven’t seen pretty girls. It’s more like “she is insanely cute and hot and I must have her now”, with a twist. She’s way too young and she is involved with a very good friend. There are some girls that are like cryptonite to me, I can’t make eye contact for more than 3 seconds. She is one of those. The rest is just a fantasy.

I left my phone on the table for about 20 minutes, I had to go outside to cool off, because of her and because it is too hot there. Going outside made me clear my thoughts, the cool and freshly polluted air hit my lungs when I needed it the most. What the F is happening to me? Wherever I look I see her. Sometimes I think she knows I am looking at her and that makes me even more nervous. I need to gather all my strength to not even look at her. I must go back in now.

I check my phone nervously for the 100th time. There is a new name in the call log. It is her. She took my phone and saved her number. This is not happening. I am not deleting it, but I am not calling her either. I’ve never gotten involved with anyone that already has someone and I am not doing it now. I refused to listen to my inner self a few times before and the inner self was correct. This time I am going with it and I am not calling her. I am not even going to answer if she calls me. I will erase all memories of even seeing her, I have done this before, I can do it now again.

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