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(the second English post comes from a conversation on Twitter)

Bad girl

I was recommended to watch Hitch. I did, it was a nice movie, but this is not about the movie. I was asked to apply in the real world That I found out in the movie. That’s the thing, it is just a movie, what you find in a movie can rarely be applied to real life. There are people thinking that you can actually use whatever you find in a movie, I am not one of those people. Movies are a very nice form of entertainment, but that is all. While I was thinking what to reply on Twitter, I found out that my happiness has a constant value. Each time I find a better job, I must lose some personal happiness. It is something I noticed in time and I found out for real after my beloved mother passed away. My subconscious me knew that this job will be better. It is that simple: I lose some personal happiness in order to be happy about my professional life. The movie that would be closer to my life is Seven pounds, still with Will Smith. I postponed it until I knew I could watch it and it would really sink its teeth in me. That movie is too sad to be someone’s fantasy.

Take a break. Enjoy a hobby. Things will change. Now read the title.

I found the photo HERE.

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