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Knocking on a door

It’s rather late. I am not expecting any visitors. I pop the cork on a bottle of wine I am keeping in the fridge for 3 days now.  I am listening to the same tracks for several days now. Having an almost empty house allows me to feel the music better. Man, I have some really good speakers.

I hear a knock on the door, with all the loud music. It’s the first time I ever hear someone knocking at my door, it is a little strange. It doesn’t cover the music, but I still hear it. It intrigues me enough to open the door (it is too dark outside to see who’s there). I am even more surprised to see her. She catches my eyes in an instant. I am hers. I do not hear the music anymore, not the one from the speakers anyway. It is also summer, it’s a little too hot, I am half naked and she takes advantage of it. I wasn’t expecting anyone anyway.

Needless to say she pushes me into the bed (I don’t have so much furniture anyway). The light from the monitor casts long shadows over us. I haven’t said a word since I saw her. Who could say anything? I want her as much as I see her wanting me. Forget about all the scenes from the movies, we are writing an directing our own. It’s better than any of the movies anyway. Man, I listen to such great music! It’s like the perfect soundtrack for what is about to happen. We fall asleep together, but when I wake up she’s not there. Was I dreaming?

I found the photo HERE.

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